Archetype Nolly not working in Reason 10

Hello fellow Neuralists, I’ve purchased both Nolly and Plini, but when I run my DAW Reason 10, I only can see Plini plugin in the DAW. I’ve checked the path to both plugins several time, but only Plini appear. What could be the problem? both were installed properly and in the same way. Cheers!

Hi @houmer69. Maybe the Plugin was blacklisted/disabled by Reason. Try the following:

  • Open Reason and go to Window > Manage Plugins
  • Check if the Plugin appears on the list, and change the status from disabled to enabled
  • Restart Reason

You can also try reinstalling the Plugin.

Wohoooo, great, it works now :)) thanks… btw, in Nolly, is there a built in tuner feature available now? :))

Glad it worked! It’s not available yet, but it will be soon.