Built-in tuner?

I’ve seen some updates for some of the other plugins talking about built-in tuners.
Will this be added to Archetype: Nolly? I’ve been using the trial and I’m pretty blown away. I’m thinking about buying it and a tuner would definitely convince me. Thanks!

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Hello, @andre.kats. Upcoming updates will add built-in tuners to plug-ins that currently do not have one, such as Archetype: Nolly.


Good to know, thanks. To me, the plugin is almost perfect and the addition of a tuner will make it complete. Any ETA on the update?

Hello, @JimFoster. We don’t have an exact date yet since other plug-ins also need some updates.

Hello Gonzalo. two months have already passed. any news about dates on the update? tnx…

The new version is currently on beta test. Unfortunately, there were some bugs that needed to be fixed but the update should be ready before March.


ok… today 10 march. plini update already out. what about nolly? i dissapointed.

We’re working on it! There were some issues with the update for Archetype: Plini that made us postpone this update, but we’re back on track now.

Was going to buy this but not much confidence left after this taking over 3 months unfortuantely…

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I’m anxiously waiting for this addition, too. This would be a great time to release this feature for the those in self-quarantine…

Any update guys? The tuner has been added to Abasi, Plini and Fortin already. All Nolly has had so far is a few bug fixes last September.

We’re still working on it, guys. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as adding some features. There were a lot of bugs that needed to get fixed and some elements have to be built basically from scratch. We also have to do a lot of testing to make sure everything works as expected.

I’m sorry for the time this has taken, and thank you for your patience.


Any idea on a tentative/general time-frame? A couple weeks, a couple months, end of the year?

Hey guys :slight_smile: happy user of Nolly here, I use it for all my at home practicing, jamming and recording. I feel like it’s deceptively simple yet I’ve to unlock all of its potential. Glad to hear you’re still plugging away at it. looking forward to future updates!

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Don’t be so happy, man. Gonzalo (neural dsp) promised an update for Nolly before March. Tomorrow 1 may. So there is no reason for joy. Maybe in half a year there will be an update in which the tuner will finally be added :smiley: or may be not…

Hi Gonzalo,

Any expected date for the tuner please?


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Hi ! This is really a killer plugin ! Just one thing; it doesn’t have a tuner… hope it will be soon available

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Cant wait for that tuner it’s was so handy on plini and abasi. I know everybody’s been begging for months. Just don’t forget about us and eta would be much appreciated. Otherwise a mind blowing plugin :+1:.

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Just got nolly, outstanding engineering! you have some pretty talented coders at ndsp…
look after them :wink:

I’ve been using Nolly for 2 months now, and it’s really a nice plugin!
Needless to say that the tuner will achieve it to perfection imo.