How do I move my plugins from PC to Mac?

I’m kind of confused as to how I can switch my plugins from PC to Mac. Do I download iLok on the Mac and install the plugins from there? What do I do? I haven’t run out of licences for my plugins so I think I should be good.
Help appreciated!

Not a Mac user myself, but yes I imagine if you haven’t run out of activations then you can just install the iLok and the plugins on your Mac, log into iLok and then activate them on the Mac.

Here’s a video from Neural outlining the process: Tutorial: Activation in Multiple Devices - YouTube

@lost_plectrum if you are no longer using your PC, I would recommend deactivating the plugin activations on that computer prior to switching over.

As far as switching to Mac, log into your Neural account and download OS version of all the plugins you own and then activate your licenses via iLok.

If you need additional assistance please email, thanks!