How Do I Get QC to Match DAW Tempo?

QC is always on as an input in my DAW (Studio One 5.) Can I get QC to match global tempo that is set in the DAW?

This vid here by our dear @RexRemus shows how the QC behaves when receiving MIDI Clock:
In this case it’s via the tap tempo from his Morningstar MC-8, but it should be able to take tempo info from Studio One if you send it from USB or MIDI. Not a Studio One expert here but if you can figure out how to send tempo info from the DAW, the QC should be able to sync up with it.

I believe you should be able to follow these steps:
Open MIDI Properties for your your MIDI Output:
Click on Studio One in the ToolBar, then select Options (or hit Control and Comma)
Then click on External Devices and select the MIDI Device for the Output you want to send Sync from and click Edit.

Hey that worked – thanks people!

FYI I set up an External Hardware Instrument in Studio One and checked the “send MIDI clock” box. I did have to double-click into QC Tempo screen and out again before the sync started. @RexRemus video was helpful as well.

Glad it worked for you!