How do I get a stereo sound?

Hi friends, I’m probably missing something very simple, but here’s what I have and what I do.

I have Scarlett 2i2 soundcard and m-audio av30 speakers.

QC OUT3 → Scarlett input 1
QC OUT4 → Scarlett input 2

I tried creating two separate rows and choose out 3 for one and out 4 for the other and tried panning the cabs, but it doesn’t seem to work. When I pan I only get sound from the left speaker. What am I missing here?

make sure you actually have the outs programmed as outs at the end of your output chain row

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You have to pan the inputs of the scarlet in the scarlet mixcontrol app to sound in stereo, i think.

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I also asked the same question on reddit, but so far I have found only one solution, which doesn’t seem very ideal to me.

So my scarlett is 2nd generation, which means there’s no mixcontrol app or mono/stereo direct monitor option.

What worked so far is to use DAW, create two stereo audio tracks (that gets sound from both out3 and out4 from qc) , and then create 2 separate lines on QC with different amps and cabs and delays etc… and then I hard pan one channel to the left and the other to the right. And now I am able to hear different tones and effects separately. But there must be a better way. I mean, if I want to use only one amp and stereo delay. Now what am I gonna do? Create two rows again with identical amps and cabs, but only change the delay settings on them?

By the way all my cables are TS. Do I have to use TRS at some point? That I also don’t know.

Sorry, i didnt know that the 2i2 hasn´t mixcontrol. The only way to do it is creating 2 mono tracks on the DAW and hard pan them.

But depends on what sound are you making. For example, you can put 1 amp and stereo delay in 1 row, but you have to set the ouput to out 3/4.

The cables TS or TRS is for make a balanced or not balanced signal.

Sorry for my english, isn´t my first language

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you could always just ditch the scarlet and use the QC instead, or get a gen3 scarlett

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That’s all you can do based on the limitations of your audio interface. My MOTU M4 has the same issue, no pan knob or dedicated software to change the panning. So, it has to be done via DAW.

However, on my second room I have the UA Apollo X4, which allows me to pan via UA Console software with no latency. In that case, I do not need to use my DAW.

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