How to re-amp using Quad Cortex in Logic

I’m trying to re-amp a DI track and I can’t figure it out. I’m following page 86 in the manual and there is no selectable “output 5” in the channel strip in Logic. If someone could help me I’d really appreciate it because this has been driving me insane for the last couple hours.

Hmm that’s odd. Do you have the QC set as your main output & input device in the Mac’s sound preferences (and in Logic)? If the track is stereo you should see output 5-6 as selectable; otherwise you can make the track mono (recommended) and select an individual output channel for the track.

Thanks for the reply. I am recording in mono, in Logic my dry track is set to input 1 and my wet track is set to input 3. I have my QC set as the input device and a Scarlett Solo as my output (just to connect to my monitor speakers). So I guess I just need to change my output to the QC as well?

The reason I’m using a separate interface for output is because I could not get my monitor speakers to work with the QC in Logic (or outside of Logic for that matter). They have TRS connections rather than XLR so I had to connect them to the outputs 3/L and 4/R on the QC as described here.

I could not get sound out of my speakers using this method for some reason. Maybe TRS to XLR converters and connecting the monitors to outputs 1 and 2 on the QC would help?

Hmm there are a few things you can do. You can:

  1. Enable input monitoring on your scarlett so you’ll always hear the QC feeding through its inputs to your monitors
  2. Get XLR female to TRS to go from the outs on your QC to your monitors
  3. Change the main stereo out in logic’s settings to be output 3-4 and hook these up to your monitors. However, you’d have to change some more routing on the QC for the patch’s output and inputs to route your remap track correctly.

Any way you slice it you’d have to use the Quad Cortex as your main output device, otherwise you’ll be limited to the Scarlett’s outputs. The easiest I think would you to use the QC as both your input/output device and turn on input monitoring on the Scarlett. In theory it should just let you hear the pass-through audio, kind of like a mixer.