How did you attach your QC to the pedalboard?

In the past, I have screwed pedals down to lock them in place on my board. Now, I have a Pedaltrain and the velcro (even the 3M lock) just feels…not that secure for this unit. How did you attach yours and how solid is it? TIA


Here’s a huge thread on how others are mounting their QC units to pedalboards, might be useful:

Thanks. I have the board, but not sure the best way to put it on there. Appreciate the link.

Hi there. I’ve used Velcro - the loop tape is that provided with the pedal train, and then the hook tape is 3M branded and it’s solid as a rock. I put it around the edges, keeping the vent clear. It’s bloody hard to get off. You should be fine with that!

I thought that might work. Thanks for the reassurance. Not all heroes wear capes. LOL, appreciate it.


No worries! Good luck with it.