Using VST Modules with QC in Reaper

Hi, I’m interested in trying this out but i’m having trouble using vst’s along side my QC as the audio device. I am recording a processed signal through a track in reaper but when i enable a vst such as reverb, the effect only applies if i enable direct monitoring which causes the weird phasing, doubling latency type sound.

The reason i want to test vst’s is because i plan on disabling the cab section blocks on the QC and trying out the GGD cali oversize cabs plugin. I realise i can export the Ir’s from the VST but it would be nice to preview them first!

Can anyone shed any light? Probly something obvious!

Set the QCs output lane to usb outputs only


This video is using 2 standalone Neural plugins
Worth a watch for the usb routing options

I’m interested in doing similar in Reaper once I finish my captures too,
so let us know how you go


This worked! You are a gent, thank you so much :grinning: