Help needed to Setup QC to change Trippel Rectifier channels using a Mesa midi Matrix

Hello All,
My current new setup is a Mesa Trippel Rectifier, Quad Cortex, Mesa MIdi Matrix. I can’t seem to get the channels on the amp to change from the QC… I can change the channels when I push the 1-8 switching functions on the Midi Matrix so that tells me i have the Dip switches set correctly…I have the Mesa footswitch cable from the amp to the Midi Matrix…1 midi cable running from MM to QC … when I push on the pedal board the red light “store” lights up on the MM, but I can’t get it to store … im not sure if its sending the correct messages. to be honest I’m not sure how to set up or what to use on the PC / CC changes…not sure if the midi settings are correct, I’m not very tech savvy… any help would be appreciated. I basically need step by step help if possible…Im new to all this , hope someone out there can help.

Unless someone is familiar with the Matrix MIDI setup, you would need to look at the manual(s) both QC/Mesa Midi Matrix to see what specific program /control changes are needed.

Hey, thanks for the response. I have them and it’s like a foreign language to be honest lol. I’m not sure if I can post it on here but I can share it. I’m willing to compensate someone for their time.

I figured it out. On the Midi Matrix you have 16 channels to select from. When you choose 0 the corresponding midi select channel for the QC is 1.
So if you pick 1 on the MM the QC should be on 2.
For any future people I have the QC set on PC
Type PC
Channel 1
Program 1-3 for what ever A-H you assign to.
I have the midi cable coming out of the Midi thru on the QC and IN on the MM

1: Set your PC changes on the QC for the 3 channels.
2: Push the MM channel 1, then select between A-H on the QC
3: push store on the MM

On the MM the DIP switches are
5 7 10 - 5 7 - 1 2 3 4. ON