Help me choose a plugin as a qc user

Hi everyone, I’m currently trying to decide which plugin to get with the free promo as a new Quad Cortex user, but I’m unsure about which one to choose.

I plan to use it, hopefully more as an add-on to the Quad Cortex rather than with the computer itself. Do you think there’s one that would be particularly valuable in this context? I was considering the Rabea one for its vintage octaver and synth features (just for fun, as I already own some hardware synthesizers). Alternatively, there’s Plini X, and I really loved the clean amp, although I already captured it during the free trial period.

Feeling a bit uncertain here. Thanks for any input!

I’m on the same boat, waiting for NDSP to confirm my freebie.

I’m inclined for the Plini X because my goal is to use the plugin directly on QC more than the computer, and that one is a step ahead of the others in terms of compatibility.

I’ve never tried the QC, but I’m sure there must be a lot of great tones in it already. That being said, I really like the archetype plugins I currently own (Nolly, Rabea and Plini x).

Nolly is perfect for the kind of modern/prog/djent-y tones I usually go for, and i have absolutely nothing to complain about, it’s just perfect for what I play. I guess you probably have a bunch of 5150-style amps on the QC, and probably enough to get tones that are similar to the other amps on the archetype as well. I just think this plugin is spot on tone-wise and it would be a quick way to dial in your sounds with pretty much any amount of gain, from crystal clean to outrageously soaring, face-melting metal rhythm and lead tones.

Archetype Rabea was a fantastic addition, as Rabea himself is a remarkable source of inspiration for me, both in terms of tone and style of playing, as well as musical style, etc.The features of his plugin are impressive, with a bunch of different possibilities. The synth is really cool, both on its own and also blended with the pedals/amps. The “modern/vintage” toggle switches on the pedals aren’t just a tonal feature, but they switch the entire pedal for another one (search on YT for Rabea’s explanation on which pedals they added on the plugin), so you get a lot more from this plugin than usual.

Then we’ve got Plini X, which also has a bunch of cool features and great tones. In comparison to the older version, they added more effects and options, and refactored the UI and design a little bit. Awesome tones, very very versatile plugin. Then you have to consider that it will be the first to be compatible with the QC, so that’s another thing to consider as well.