Headphones with QC

Just wondering what headphones people are using lately (with QC)?? I have Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohms. I don’t love them… I feel like the low end is missing and just sterile sounding. Was looking at the DT 1990 ( is it worth the extra $$ ?), Sennheiser, Bose?? Trying to stay at $500 or less. Would appreciate any feedback/suggestions. Cheers!

Akg240 mk2

Works fine


Akg k701. Some stores have them for around 100€, others for 400€ :smiley:

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My Shure SE846 IEMs

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I am using the DT770 limited edition 32ohms and they work very nicely and great for tracking. Would be interesting to hear from someone trying to drive the 250ohm version, it might be a lack of amplification issue in the QC perhaps?

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Thanks! Do you know how the Ltd edition is different than the standard DT770?

I think the LE is purely the fact that they are only 32 ohms so easier to drive and get good results if you are not using a dedicated headphone amp like plugging straight into a cell/mobile phone 3.5mm jack.

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