Headphone sound

So I just hopped on the plugin wagon today, and have been playing around with the Cali suite on the free trial.
Anyways, I don’t have monitor speakers, just a Bose computer sound system, and a pair of Sennheiser hd 280 pro headphones.
Interface is an Audient id4, And I have an iMac, i5, 16GB ram.
After a bit of tweaking I got rid of all the popping and crackling, and there’s no noticeable latency.
The problem I’m having is the plugin sounds really really good through my Bose system, and I mean I was actually taken aback, but it sounds pretty crappy through the headphones.
I tried listening to regular music with them and they sound great, so I know they’re functioning properly.
Just wondering if there’s anything I’m doing wrong. I was expecting to hear the same tone either way and it is definitely not the same.
Any advice or replies are welcome.


well, thats quite a topic, but thats the way it is that the sound will be heard differently through different speakers / headphones

i have here about 6 or 7 pair of different headphone models, and all sound different from each other.
that is normal, also it sounds different then if listend through my monitors or through my macbook speakers as well.

if you have a finished, produced record, also this will sound different, but you will not perceive it in such an extreme way, as with an isolated instrument that you also play by yourself… its not only the sound, but also the feel that is different.
you have to say goodbye to idea to except the same sound from different sources
to have one preset that sounds good on all output devices.
you can create one, that sounds great on your bose speakers, and another one that sounds good on yoru headphones, there is nothing wrong with that.

when i play through speakers, i tend to lower the gain, have very low or even no reverb, and a very low delay (if at all), but if i play through my headphones, i crank up the gain, often ad massive room reverb, and add quite some delay, and this makes me “feel” good with the headphone sound.

also the EQ Curves are quite different from my headphone presets to my speaker presets.
needless to say, the presets i´m using for recording also sound very different to the presets i use when playing over headphones

you have to imagine, each output devices is not linear, some frequencey will get pushed forward, and some will get pushed back, therefore it is very likely to happen that the same sound is sounding so much different.

hope that helps

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Yes thank you that helps a lot. I’ve been toying around quite a bit with the settings, and have found some tones I really like through the headphones.
Thanks for the reply!