Guitar gig bag with room for the QC

Hi there! Does anyone know a solid guitar gigbag with enough room to safely transport the QC? I’m in Europe. Thanks!

The QC’s footprint is small enough to fit perfectly in my backpack with enough room for cords and accessories. Just another idea :slight_smile:


Yes, I already considered this option, but my backpack is already filled with a midi controller + cables and stuff :confused:

I use a Thomann SafeCase.

The QC fits in both the detachable bag as well as in the main storage compartment.

yay that was one of my main options but I saw that the QC is a little big for the upper small bag considering the dimensions declared on the thomann website… it fits anyway?

Here are two photographs of the QC in the upper small bag.



It’s slightly tight by dimensions, but the bag itself is malleable in shape. You can see that the bag closes just fine without pressure on the zipper.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


You helped me a lot, thanks! I think I’m going to buy this case :slight_smile: