Ground Lift when capturing

First of all, I don’t know if these is the right place.

After seeing one video (link at the end) where Pete Thorn says it’s convenient to use a line isolator in order to eliminate hum when 'capturing", I decided to buy one (Palmer PLI 01).

I finally tried it yesterday. I did 3 captures of the same Kemper profile. First without QC Ground Lift, second, with it activated, third, no Ground Lift but Palmer’s device.

Always same levels.

The results:

  • No Ground Lift: the best result.

  • Ground lift: Very bad. Useless. Sounded a little like a broken speaker. But, hey, NO HUM.

  • Palmer PLI-01: second best. More or less like the first one but A LITTLE NOISIER.

Latest firmware.

Have you experienced something similar?

Any idea of what could be wrong?

Maybe Kemper captures don’t sound great?

Here is the video (4:30):

Thank you.

Try shooting an email to and see if they can help.

Did you account for the volume drop resulting from the DI box?