Capture Kemper on Quad Cortex

I ran Neural Capture to use the Kemper Rig in QC.
As described in the manual, I set the Inst Level to about -10dB and adjusted the IN 1 Level to about -10dB.
Since I was using a bass, I set the Inst Level knob to about +15dB.
At this time, I did not clip the sound coming from Kemper.
For the output from the Kemper, I set the Main Out to -16dB and connected it to the QC via XLR.

When I performed Start Capture in this state, the Neural Capture sound was distorted considerably.
When I lower Inst Level and In 1 Level, the sound of Neural Capture becomes less bass compared to Kemper, and the sound is not enough.

Is there anything I can do to make it better?