Good headphones to use with the QC

Could it be dirty power interference, or fluorescent lighting? Have you tested this in multiple locations? Unshielded guitar pickups? Have you tried swapping out your guitar cable and guitar? Do you get the noise with any set of headphones? One test I might try is recording a loop and playing that back through the headphones. You could pipe in pre-recorded content as well. Does that crackle? Might help you narrow down the source of the issue.

Does this happen on Factory presets? Could be something in your signal chain.

Also, do you have your QC plugged into something else that has a grounded plug, such as a powered monitor? We know the QC’s power supply is ungrounded and could potentially allow noise or hum into the signal.

Those are very good points, I’ll try a loop or piping music in - I have had this issue with several different guitars, but I haven’t swapped the cable so I’ll try that too…

I did quite a bit of research on this topic and did a video.

Depends on your use case. If you need to dial in tones and want a good representation of what’s getting piped out to FOH, you’ll want the best reference monitor headphones your budget can afford. I picked up the Shure SRH1440’s a while back (open back, lots of headroom, pretty accurate freq response) and they’re great for dialing stuff in.

If you’re just rehearsing or jamming, can’t go wrong with some cheap IEMs. I think Shure also makes IEMs that are around $100 US. Armature drivers have enough resistance to handle the signal without overdriving. Freq response isn’t always super accurate with IEMs because they’re designed for a different purpose, so your mileage may vary, but these are my two solutions.

Audio-Technical ATH-M50X. I went through 4 or five different cans to find that these were awesome and not too expensive.

These are what I have , and sometimes I hear clipping…What others did you try that these beat out?

I’m thinking of trying the Senhiezer 560s

I tried the Beyer DT1990’s, DT770’s, and a few Shure’s and Bose models I don’t recall. Never tried the Senn’s.

Which did you prefer between the 770 and 990? Just ordered some 770s

80 ohm Beyerdynamic DT770 here. Great for anything. Be cautious of the 220 ohm options… they may have a bit more detail, but you need a decent amount of power to push them correctly. I have both 220 and 80 of the DT770, and the 80 has turned out to be the one I grab anymore.

How is the bottom end. Is it tight? Are you getting any clipping? Oh and I did order the 80 Ohm…

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No clipping unless I cause clipping in the signal chain somewhere. They’re powerful and clear. Bottom end is punchy and they go reasonably deep. Comfortable. They’re popular for at least some level of studio use, so they’re focus is geared more towards even. I tried them because a sound engineer buddy told me I should, and I’m happy with the price/value/sound.

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I preferred the 770’s to the 990’s.

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Nobody talking about the Shure SRH840 ?
New version here : Shure SRH840A-EFS – Thomann United States

I’ve abused & broken 3 pairs over the years and still bought them again because they have an amazing frequency range and balance.

Switched to the sturdier (and pricier) Shure SRH1540.

I must be having it somewhere in the Signal Chain then. I agree they are great headphones. I’ve had them for a few years.

It will be interesting to see if I like the 770s more, and if the clipping is gone with them. If not, I will return them

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Could you share why?