Global EQ: How to reproduce the same configuration as on my BOSS GX-100


Regarding my BOSS GX-100 Global EQ screenshots, is anyone able to tell me how to reproduce the same configuration on the QC?


Looks like you just have a notch at 8kHz and everything else is flat.

On the Global EQ, tap band 4 and ensure it is set to ‘Peak’, then set gain to -2dB, Freq to 8000Hz, Q to 1 and leave Output on 0.

Thanks but what about the Low Cut and Hight cut?

Ahh sorry, missed those.

Set band 1 to Hi Pass and move the frequency to 80Hz, then set band 5 to Low Pass and set the frequency to 6300Hz.

Thanks, but is it possible to enter the values manualy instead of turning the knobs?

Sure, just tap on the value. :+1:

Also please review the current manual which indicates how to set specific values for configurable components etc.