FX Loop has to be on for it to work

Hello! Having troubles recently with the QC. I was using the Boss GE-7 EQ with the QC via the FX Loop 1. I just rearranged my work area and changed up the plugs switched a couple cables. I notice now though that none of the presets work without having the FX loop on the grid. The GE-7 isnt even plugged in! The amps work, but it sounds kind of harsh like the EQ really got nessed up. Ive tried to factory reset and that dodnt work. I replugged the GE-7 in send and return 1s and the pedal isnt changing the tone at all. The effects work at least like reverb. Dont know whats wrong or if its busted now.

Input 1 settings: Lvl 12db, Impedance 1M, instrument on, ground on.

Send level: 4 but nothing is reacting.

Nothing else is attached. The GE-7 works when i plug it between the cortex and interface. Any advice is appreciated.

Let’s start from the beginning. Is your Boss pedal in FX Loop 1 or is it in between the QC and a separate audio interface?

FX Loop 1 Send → Boss GE-7 input
Boss GE-7 output → FX Loop 1 Return

I’ve not heard of a situation in which the FX Loop 1 MUST be on (which means it’s on the grid) in order to get sound at all.

The Boss right now isnt in the FX loop. It works from cortex output into my interface.

Today is the first day its happened. I remove the FX loop (which nothing is connected to) and i lose sound with amps and effects. Input meter shows signal is ok.

I put the FX loop on and it works as if my EQ pedal was there…but its not. Its weird. But im glad i can still play when its on.

I would check my cabling. Sounds like something might be plugged in improperly, or at least differently, as you mentioned. Changing the cabling may have also impacted the routing within the preset. Also check the settings for the Input and Output blocks and make sure the input source and targeted output is correct.

I might start troubleshooting this by starting with an empty preset, adding minimal blocks - amp/cab, and setting my Input and Output blocks properly. If everything is working as anticipated, now add the GE-7 in a loop and see if you can get that functioning correctly. Once you have all that working properly, it may become obvious to you what the current issue is.

Yeah so it rurns out im just an idiot. I hooked the cable to my send 1 as my output instead of the out 3/4 :man_facepalming: Well nice to meet you guys ill just see myself out :joy::joy::joy:

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It’s all good. Glad you got it figured out.