Global button assignment for Midi out signals

Add a way to assign midi out settings to buttons globally. For this to be usable, the button would not be assignable to a preset, stomp or scene. The button’s only task would be to send that midi message.

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My is to save pedalboard space and not have an Ipad pageturner on there. As the MIDI out function works currently, I have to assign the same midi message to every preset and page turning is not possible in preset mode, without changing the preset. That makes it not as useful as it could be.

Love to hear your thoughts!

I think it’s a great idea, but to make it more versatile, it should be possible to overwrite it preset-wise.
So, a global default midi assignment, but such that in any preset, trying to set a different midi message (or a stomp/scene) to a footswitch should trigger a reminder that there is a global midi assigned, and the user is then asked whether to replace the global midi assignment for this preset, add to it (if possible) or cancel.

(BTW, you can vote on your own requests.)

Great suggestion @YehonatanV. That gives even more flexibility.

Thanks for the tip of voting on your own request! Just did that, but it feels wrong :wink: