Control ForScore on Ipad with QC

Is it possible to flip pages in ForScore with the QC?

As a working musician i’m often reading music from my iPad while playing. I have a dedicated pedal for flipping pages that is connected to the iPad via USB. It would be great use the QC instead.


I wonder if you could use some sort of bluetooth midi adapter that would change pages in forscore when you change presets?

Not familiar with ForScore, but the QC can send midi either via stomps or on preset load.
It can currently send CC and PC messages.
So you need to check if ForScore can use those for page turns.
From the ForScore manual it looks like it should be customizable, but I can’t tell for sure.

Regarding connecting the iPad to the QC, it is possible via a camera adapter.

Got it working (finally)! Connected through USB and the camera kit.

What helped me was this tutorial:

Turns out the ‘listen for input’ function on ForScore is a lifesaver. It does not matter what value or channel you set on the QC, it recognises it automatically.

What would be a great addition to this function is being able to assign midi out signals for buttons globally. Now I have to set this midi setting for every preset and its not usable in preset mode. I would gladly give up one of the buttons (probably E) to make that a permanent page turner.

Edit: Made a feature request here: Global button assignment for Midi out signals

Very cool, I’ll have to try this out!