GCX Ground Control Pro w/Neural DSP's

So maybe someone here can help me. I have 3 Neural DSP’s, Abasi, Nolly, and Plini. I also have a GCX audio switch setup with a Ground Control Pro. My end all be all would be able to have control of the three plug ins via midi switching with the ground control pro but I cant seem to get it to recognize the GC pro using a MIDI usb cord. I can get my Akai MPK mini to control the plugins just fine but the GC pro wont make a single change. The plugins recognize the device as an emulated MIDI interface (assuming this is because of the USB to MIDI cord).

Hi @lance.pena. What happens if you connect the Ground Control Pro directly? Does the standalone application recognize it as a MIDI device? I think someone from the user group at Facebook mentioned using the same controller.

It recognizes it as a emulated midi device but I cant get any of the midi commands to learn on the plugins the way my Akai MPK Mini does. Its been a real bummer. What facebook group/person are you referring to? Sounds like they could be helpful.

@lance.pena It was on this thread.

@Gonzalo Thanks for the link! Now hopefully I can get a reply to the PM I sent the guy who is using Misha’s used GCP. Feeling pretty dim I cant figure this out lol

Welp, we met on Zoom and tried to work it out but it just doesnt seem like my GCP is sending any input to my PC. Kind of at a standstill.

Well, that’s unfortunate. Did you try contacting Voodoo Lab customer support?