FX LOOP is messing my tone

Hi guys,

i still have troubles with the fx loop, and after many discussions with different QC users, it seems that i’m not the only one having trouble with fx loop, but my problem seems pretty “unique”.

So i try to find the most easy way to replicate my trouble, and i find this : if i load a high gain preset (because it’s more obvious with high gain - for example the sixth preset, 1F, EV101 III red), and putting an fx loop block at the end of the chain, i have a kind of “tone sucking” with volume drop. If i manage to adjust level with send / return (both on I/O page and on the block as weel), it still sucks tone, like a boost with EQ. Results is the same wether i use fx loop 1 or fx loop 2, TS or TRS cable, with or without pedals, etc… I have a different kind of behavior if the fx loop is in front of high gain setup (pedals + amps).

For precision, all levels of differents inputs and output are defaults (=0db)

This is veeeeeery annoying, because i use external gear a lot, and the possibility of fx loop was a strong argument to me.

Is it my unit, or software trouble ? Last update didn’t solve anything