Fortin NTS in Mainstage 3

Is it possible to install the NTS Plug-In to MainStage 3?

Hello @max.mathern. MainStage 3 is not part of the DAWs/Hosts that we currently support [1], but it might work in some cases.

You can check if it works for you by installing the demo version of NTS.

Well actually I already have Fortin NTS and I was thinking about buying MainStage 3 to control stuff via a Midi -Footcontroller.

I just briefly tried using NTS in MainStage and it seems to work fine. I caveat this with I only tried it for about 5 minutes and didn’t play with MIDI switching. Keep in mind that MainStage only uses AU, so if you have plugins in other formats it won’t work (I think).

I will add that I use a program called Gigperformer instead of MainStage and it works like a charm. I’m able to footswtich between sounds, run instances of other plugins pre/post the NDSP plugins. There’s a whole bunch more I could doing, but I just keep it relatively simple. In general, I think it’s much easier to configure than MainStage as it does not use the mixer paradigm. You basically build a rig on a canvas and just connect various inputs and outputs. It’s really easy once you understand how it works. It also supports all types of plugin format (VST, AU, etc.). The only downside is Gigperformer is much more expensive. However, they have a trial (2 weeks?) so you can try it and see if it works for you.


I have used Darkglass Ultra and Parallax in MainStage 3 for the past 6 months without any obvious issues. Although I have used midi control of MainStage itself, I have not controlled the plug-ins directly (Parallax does not have midi implemented…yet).