For people w/good home ground


People with a great ground in the house.
Do you notice some ground noise when not touching the guitar that disappears when touching any metal parts? Noise playing harmonics or open strings. Or it’s the same amount of noise touching & untouched?

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HI @Danols , I have never experienced any related ground noise for over a year. I also have everything powered via a Furman power conditioner, use quality cables and instruments are all shielded.

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Same here. Quiet as a mouse. I use the Cioks DC7 power supply.

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So no noise when playing harmonics or open strings right? I need to check my ground at home


Between 2 studios, never had noise issue except for when using wireless transmitter with piezo-equipped guitar.

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I have quite the noise at home when not touching the qc or the guitar. As soon as I make contact with a foot switch or the strings it’s gone.
Other audio equipment on the same outlet are way less sensitive, to the point that I never thought about it. Are there differences between the original and third party power supplies? Any recommendations?

Be aware, the QC is not grounded via its own power supply. It normally gets its ground from other gear e.g. via audio cables. Do you have the QC connected to other grounded gear? The phenomenon, you describe is likely to appear when using the QC connected to an instrument and headphones only.

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Or maybe his home ground

Yep, plug in to other equipment that is grounded even if your only listening through headphones and it cleans right up.

You are absolutely right! :blush: I do not always have my FRFR connected, but yes the ground noise is gone if connected. Wondering why not grounding the power supply then and lift its ground if needed :thinking: missing the electrical engineering background for that.

Never the less, thank you for that simple solution! Cheers!


Probably in order to avoid additional cost and complexity.

Don’t want to draw a false equivalency between ground noise and lack of grounding however…

I am no electrical engineer, but the idea of using an ungrounded device, plugged into AC power when you are holding guitar strings, a primo conductor if ever there was one, is a mite concerning. Maybe it is ok as the power is probably converted to DC after it hits the QC. I have certainly used many a pedal power supply that was ungrounded over the years and never worried about it. Wonder if there is an electrical engineer here who can speak to any safety concerns regarding this.

It’s actually converted to DC before it hits the QC. It’s an external power supply. In a similar way as non-grounded phone chargers work.

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Doh, right you are. So, hopefully the lack of a grounded power supply is a non-issue regarding safety. In fact, it should be safer in some ways than an IEC connector style power supply which is doing the AC to DC conversion inside the chassis. Most reassuring that is. Don’t know why I resorted to Yoda phrasing there :grin: