Finally figured out a way of capturing with no loss!

During the last months I’ve really struggled to capture amps or treble boosters in a way that worked for me.
I play in a Queen tribute so the way I capture a VOX AC30 is full volume 100% in the normal channel, nothing else.
So here’s the trick that worked out for me better than the auto set of levels
As I have my guitars at 0 dB input I do the same when capturing, then I have played so gets as close to the limit in the output

  • Treble booster -3dB
  • Vox AC30 with a 421 - 18dB
    I’ve noticed that finally got a tone as close as it gets without need of any tweak.
    With any other pedal or amp this may change but hopefully someone will find this useful.
    Long story short, whatever you capture, set the in as you have the global in and then set the out as loud as it can tolerate with no peak - I am sure that is in the instructions manuals but hey.



Are these in the cloud? I’ve love to hear them. Thanks.