Faking Complex Guitar Feedback for Flying in a Blue Dream

I would like to ask how to fake a Kind of Collection Guitar Feedback with the QC. I want to recreate in my home studio the feedback intro from flying in a Blue Dream. I got also a Freqout Out Pedal, but that is not enough, because you need one very long like 40 seconds octave overtone of c and at the same time you need to blend in at least two more harmonics of C. I dont want to prerecord those feedback tones. I rather would like to be able to do this live. I think the basic octave feedback could be done for example with Xushs Feedback Emulation, but how to blend in the other two harmonics?

Live, in addition to my main amp, I keep a small amp on a chair so I can put my guitar in front of it to coax feedback. That was pre-QC days. If your not strictly using headphones, have you tried getting your pickup(s) front center and close to whatever your monitoring with?

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Thank you for your advice, it is just that my monitors are standing behind my Computer and all Kind of other stuff. Among other things I think I will get myself an Ebow. I am also thinking of getting the EHX Superego.

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In the meantime the Ebow has arrived. It just sounds awesome. It would be great if there is a way to recreate that beautiful sound on the QC because it takes too much time to change between the Ebow and the pick. So you can use it in some scenarios, but not during a typical fast guitar solo. Apart from that to my ears it is the best way to recreate if a feedback effect if you cannot for whatever reason put a guitar in front of an amp.