External Drive Installation

So, bought a new MacBook Pro M1 coming from a 2018 MacBook Pro. On the old MacBook, I had everything installed on the internal drive. On this one, tried installing everything to a Samsung T7. Installation was ok, I’m able to run the apps standalone(Cory, Nolly, Plini and Darkglass). However, noticed a couple of issues.

  1. Presets are missing. I’m sure that the presets were installed as I can see them on the external drive. I even tried to do a complete reinstall of Cory Wong with the VSTs etc even if I didn’t need them just in case there was an issue with the custom install of AU, presets and standalone app only.
  2. Logic can’t seem to find the plug ins.

Has anyone had similar issues or would it not be advisable to run these plug ins on an external drive?

Thank you.

Hey @greatwolf - Please send us an email support@neuraldsp.com so we can help you troubleshoot.