Expression pedal priority

This is stealing from the Kemper playbook, but it works great on that platform and would be awesome for the QC. I would love to be able to assign a priority list for each expression pedal for volume, wah, and pitch. For example, in the previously mentioned order the expression pedal would default to volume. When a wah is activated, the expression pedal switches to control that effect, and back to volume when wah is deactivated. When a pitch block (whammy for example) is activated, it will switch to control that. It makes it so you only really need one expression pedal on the floor. Very cool feature that I’m really missing with the QC.

You can assign the same EXP pedal to all of those blocks and then just enable/disable the desired blocks as needed via scene/stomp…

Map to volume and wah - bypass wah, enable volume - you have volume control on the pedal. bypass volume, enable wah - you have wah control on the same pedal.

for any two blocks you can use multi-stomp bypass and just invert state on one block and they will “toggle”.

For more than 2 blocks you can use a scene to only enable the one block you want.

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I usa a AutoReturn pedal … and I can’t do that :sleepy: