Expression pedal auto engage function

Would be awesome if the QC had the ability to set an expression pedal to auto engage like Fractal does. It is a great function.

I’d vote this up but Doug’s already said it’s a high priority enhancement. :slight_smile:

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I heard the same thing. Ty

Just received the latest update from Neural regarding future software updates.
The fact that they mention the “auto- engage” feature for expression pedels will not be address for three more planned software updates. Is really upsetting. This is ridiculous. I thought this was a high-priority issue and was going to be address right away??? I am going back to my Kemper. Or I have to buy pedals with switches. “Our first major update will follow later” Doesn’t really tell us when.
Seems like it might be a long struggle to get this unit up to where the other manufactures already are in common features.

Ugh. With this news I may just pass on my pre-order from Sweetwater until they get this unit even close to its competitors functionality. My Ax8. Seems like a much better bet at this point

Here is another unsettling statement. This member said “Doug’s already said it’s a high priority enhancement”
Does Doug feel that a “high-priority enhancement” is three updates away and at an undetermined amount of time for release???

According to today’s email, it’s going to be in the first update with new features. Seems pretty high priority to me.

No offense Alec but with the high-quality competitors you would think this unit at this price point would be ready for prime time in a truly isn’t ready for prime time yet. I am not saying it will be one of the top units on the market but for right now it has a lot of shortcomings. I was really excited about the prospect of this unit coming to fruition.

You only have one shot to make a good first impression

That being said. It could be six months from now!

Can we keep this discussion focused on the actual feature request, please? Move complaints/debate to the general forum.