Explain how Capture works

So how does the capture process work? Do you have to have an instrument connected and play while capturing a pedal? If so, what do you play? Chords? Riffs that cover all the strings?

Educate me on how the process works.

The QC sends signals, tones etc. Through the device to be captured testing its response so that it can emulate the desired device.

Thanks. But why does an instrument need to be connected then?

It doesn’t to do the capture. Only to test the results.

I don’t even stay in the same room while it’s doing it. I come back after it’s finished, plug in and test.

If you were adjusting the amp to sound a specific way based off a strat, LP etc. You would typically plug into the amp or pedal and set it then capture.

To balance the levels between the QC and amp/pedal.

Thanks. I’ve been working on captures but every one has static.

But I don’t understand the reason why there is a “instr level” on the capture set-up and why, according to the guide, it is necessary to raise the guitar signal level up to -10dB:

“The INST LEVEL knob should be
set as loud as possible without
clipping (-10dB or higher if

For me it’s totally useless…

That confuses me too. In fact, if I do turn up the instrument level often the captures fail with the “clipping” warning.

Use auto. You want the two to be balanced.

The problem with auto is that it sets both extremely low. So low that it makes monitoring with headphones worthless as you can barely hear anything.

Ok. But you don’t need to monitor to set the volumes. I use auto and once balanced within reason I run capture. I then put the capture in a preset and compare to the amp running into a second path on the QC using the same cabinet. I then make any adjustments and go to the next capture.

I then try and balance all presets using an average volume preset and have been using that method so far with success.

What do you have the master knob set at when using headphones? I’ve not tried the headphone jack yet so I’m curious. It really needs to be separated and have its own output settings.

Master is dimed.

Uhm OK. But if you want to monitor for clipping headphones sure seems like a good way to do it.

I don’t disagree. I’m just saying that you can get by without it if you have your guitar setup without clipping. It should just auto adjust the amp input based on your initial input and theoretically you won’t Clip. You might see other things happening I’m just throwing out what has worked so it might be of help.