Expand cortex cloud slots for sellers (for example amalgamaudio)

I use many captures from amalgam audio and in my opinion he has the best captures for the QC. Sadly he can’t release new packs, because his slots are full. Please help by voting. He has a really great bass capture, which I had the pleasure to test on Tone-X and now he can’t release new stuff.
Here is the original post from the gear-age:
Quad Cortex is problematic right now, as i have room left for one more Essential set and then i’d have to delete some of my previous releases, which is a drag, because i cannot easily reshare stuff that i have deleted from the cloud and i have no info if and when the slot amount is going to be increased on the cloud.
So i have to consider a new approach/model. Maybe in a way that i clearly state that the releases are available for a limited time, then it is up to the user to make a backup with these and i cannot provide any support in the shape of resharing them later on.

It would be really sad, to miss out on the upcoming captures

I suggested he create a second account. It would require signing in and out a bit more often on the QC when new captures are saved but the actual sharing would be done from the Cloud app or browser anyway and wouldn’t even have to involve the QC. It’d involve a little more work but would solve his issue now

I’d hate to lose one of the best vendors we have presently- his captures are TOP notch and he’s providing some unique amps instead of the typical offerings. Hope something can get worked out here.

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