EXP2 Input issue

Yesterday, right when I turned on my QC, my exp2 pedal was inactive. Both exp1 and 2 are always connected, unit was on my desk all the time, no powercuts, nothing funny.
I tried every possible way to identify the problem. My exp2 pedal, DOES work on exp1 input and exp1 pedal DOES NOT work on exp2 input, so clearly is the input issue.
However after a while, without having done something, exp2 started working again and continued all day with no problem.
Today when I powered up QC same thing happened again.

Help? Thank You

have you contacted Support? They’ll probably need to walk you thru some troubleshooting.
You’re on the latest CorOS?

Yes, sent an email today. Hope that tomorrow I will get some answer. Yes I have the latest one