Enhance the Wifi feature to be instrument-wireless feature

The QC already has wifi - it would be super awesome if it were compatible with body-packs and/or wireless microphones and could be used as a built-in wireless receiver! This would be a major undertaking, I’m sure, but it would be mind-blowing to be able to sync my Shure body-pack or microphone to the Neural… ah dreams are great :slight_smile:

That would first involve having a wireless chipset in the unit that is not trash.


Or not playing more than 20cm away from the QC :rofl:


definitely this lol. Also I’m sure the latency would be crazy

Well then, if the current chipset couldn’t handle such a feature… maybe an idea for the next-gen 2.0 hardware down the line. If a decent wireless transceiver pair can be made into little battery-powered “fobs” priced under $200, I see no reason such a module couldn’t be added as Input 3 to a hypothetical QC 2.0. I think the biggest hurdle would probably be securing a deal and rights to interface with wireless products like Shure.