Dynamic tremolo (a la Origin Effects RevivalTrem)

I would love a tremolo that responds to playing dynamics, ie, that the tremolo backs off with a lot of input or more attack but fades in with less attack or input. Some people might also like the opposite, that the trem backs off with less attack but is stronger with more attack. The best example out there is the Origin Effects Revival Tremolo. It’s based on bias trem from old Fender brown panel amps.

You’ve got my vote!

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I tend not to be a big fan of modulation because it feels imposed onto my playing, whereas delays and reverbs are responding to my playing. Discovering dynamic tremolo was a gamechanger for me, but the RevivaTrem (now called the Deluxe61) is SO EXPENSIVE.

I have the Spaceman Voyager Tremolo which does what you are talking about. The harder the attack, the faster the tremolo. It can be set to stop at a certain rate too. It’s amazing.

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I looked at that one, and it looks great (though I don’t think they make it anymore). The only problem is that the waveforms are only triangle and square, but I really play with sine wave 90% of the time. I’m surprised they didn’t do sine, since it seems to be the standard wave form. If the pedal had sine, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

You can totally get sine sounds out of it, trust me. Totally SMOOTH waves. It’s amazing.

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I’ll check it out again. thanks!

I have this pedal on my board still. This is not just a tremolo, but also the best smooth boost/OD pedal I ever had. I would be surprised if it could be captured wit the same analogue feel which I doubt. But, yes, I would love to see it and voted for it.

I agree–it’s a really great drive. But I don’t need another drive bad enough to justify the price tag on the pedal. It’s basically $600 CAD, which is a lot to ask for a drive/trem, tbh. There’s not a thing wrong with the pedal, and the build quality is amazing, but that’s the price of a big-box effect like a Microcosm or Empress Echosystem, which is pretty hard to justify, I think.

Well, it is not just a drive/tremolo, it’s a whole amp circuit emulation (analog). You can use it straight into an IR or with a solid state power amp into a cab.
But yes, it’s a lot of money

Yes, it’s a whole amp, but there are other quality pedals that are also whole amps that aren’t anywhere near the price of this amp, and in practice, it’s still a dirt and tremolo. Origin tries to justify the high price tag, but other drive, trem, or amp-in-a-box pedals are not this expensive. Fractal, Neural, and Line 6 also have full modellers that offer way more than this pedal at much more reasonable prices. You can get a whole-ass Supro amp (or other) for this price. As much as I’d love to have one on my board, I can spend that money on other gear that will expand my sounds in much more significant ways.

Fair enough. I don’t think anyone is forcing you to buy it…

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