Durability tests! Quad Cortex Development Update

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Is that what I think it is?

Tell me that this memory card is for musicians’ tasks, not engineers in the process of development :pleading_face:
And what kind of battery inside, the explosion of which was feared during temperature tests?

Oh, looks like you guys have made a few revisions since the initial announcement!

I see a second ADSP-SC589 instead of the SC573!

I have no idea about about processors
Is that new chip more powerful?

Clock speeds both 500 MHz. Differences w/589 include

  • SD Card support (already noted)
  • More per-core cache
  • 2x DDR
  • 2x Ethernet
  • 2x USB

I speculate, but I imagine the battery is for a Real-Time clock on board.

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I saw on fb that the sd card slot was added, at least in part, for the looper.


Thats is super intresting
They have not talked much about the looper yet but that SD card slot may indicate that it will be just more than the current standard fractal Helix looper

to tell the truth, I can’t even imagine why this might be needed in an effects processor. Even for security needs when connecting to the network, it would be enough to simply synchronize the time via the Internet. What are the developers up to…
But with such changes, I won’t even be surprised if we see Aux and S/PDIF in the final version :blush:


The spdif would require them to add additional jacks though would it not ?

Perhaps they will address the purpose of the battery, though I cannot think of any reason for a battery other than for a real-time clock. It has purposes such as accurate time/date stamping of files created through captures. That way, WiFi connection is not required. This would apply to created or modified scenes as well. Then when connected and sync’d, accurate file time stamp is important.

Again, just speculating, but time/date file accuracy is the reason I used real-time clocks in my embedded designs in years past.

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Really. If there is a looper, it is useful to have the exact dates of the files. And given the statements that it will be a bomb, maybe there will be some semblance of a DAW :blush:

Definitely so. However, not so long ago there was no capture out connector on the case. I think there is definitely an opportunity to win space (for example by placing the midi ports vertically), especially using miniToslink for S/PDIF.

Given that they’ve started production, I wouldn’t hold my breath on any more hardware changes. If they do, it’ll be like the FM3 headphone fiasco.