Universal dry/wet mix parameter on all blocks

Ok hear me out… even if it doesnt apparently make sense in tradition terms… but the QC is out of this world in its sonic possibilities! Lets amplify that!

Here is an example. The pitch shifter. If we could have a dry/wet, we could easily create compex chords from a single monophonic source.

Classic DI/amp tone mix another example

Or go nuts with effects to produce quite original sonic landscapes.

Would save DSP (i think) compared to splitting rows and signals, saving space, keeping things cleaner and tidy

Dont think this would break engineering efforts, and would open up a world of possibilities

Dry is thought of as unaffected input source, but you could include source up to that point in the chain too. Give an option?

I like the idea in general, out of votes.

So many possibilities.


There are requests already for dry/wet on specific block types, though this is the first one I’ve seen for a universal approach.


Further to this, I’d love a bit more control over wet and dry signals.

I’ve been playing with compressors a bunch recently, and basically I’d like to be able to keep an ‘original’ dry signal through multiple blocks, without having to waste a 2nd row with a splitter. The compressors and FX loops all have dry blends, but each block will sum the signal, so the next block’s ‘dry’ will include compression from the previous block.

I have no idea how it would work from a UI stand point…somehow worked into an updated UI that shows which signals are stereo, hopefully!


This, 100%, I forgot to add this example.

l love to completely destroy a bass signal to complete mush, but just add 25% or whatever, on top of the non-compressed signal.

Dry/wet would save so much real estate … hope it becomes a thing some day


I know I’m not getting this …. How is it different to the mix control on many blocks… I like the idea of being able to blend IR’s. I’m confused about the difference …if anyone has a moment to explain

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I really need a dry mix on the wahs and the rotary. Also a range control on the poly octave block would be great

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Same for me. The rotary needs a wet/dry control. I had to route the dry signal on a parallel path and use volume controls to blend them. This is a bit cumbersome and could be easily improved.


This for me is top priority request! Out of votes but gonna clean up some less relevant vote for this:)

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Why does this still only have 8 votes. It’s the most useful feature request I can imagine.

Push :slight_smile:


This would solve so many of my problems. Not being able to assign the dry blend to my expression pedal on some effects has been really frustrating. If everything had a dry blend knob that’d totally fix that!