Best things to adapt from Axe and Kemper

As I have used Kemper and AXE /FM3 for a long time.

Here are some Future request with the best from both units.

Free configurative footswitches with naming.

Toggle between scenes with one footswitch. (This perfect for singer who play guitar and don’t have to look down at the fottswitches)

Direct access to Tuner without to he hold one switch for 2 sec. (this give fast tuning check for live use)

Scene/stomp mode (one row FS for scenes and one row FS for stomps)

Naming option for Stomp mode( as there are in Scene Mode)

Delete function for My captures.

Scenes go back to stored version when the Scene when Scene FS are pressed for the second time or change to another Scene.

Option to save blocks with setting and name. (Easy when making new presets/scenes)

Copy/paste blocks between presets.

Dobbel tap on block in the grid for bypass.

Autosense for Wah on/off.

I am a long-time Kemper user and having FM3 for several months.

For me:

1, input source selection in gate(s)

2, mix control in overdrive block

3, show output meter in cab block

4, be able to store and organize neural captures on computers

5, “refine” after capture

6, “channel” for blocks

7, Global Controllers, LFO/Envelope (I don’t think this will be possible in QC, just a wish)


Big +1 to mix knob in overdrive blocks.

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I’ll add some good things from BOSS GT series:

  • Input gain presets for different guitars.
  • Control functions assignable to footswitches: one or multiple parameters of one or multiple blocks can be switched with one footswitch press, momentary or latching.
  • A/B ratio in signal splitter based on input volume / dynamics. For example, loud signals are routed predominantly to B while quiet signals are routed predominantly to A.
  • A/B split routing based on frequency. For example, lower notes (rhythm) are routed predominantly to A while higher notes (lead) are routed predominantly to B.
  • Pitch based controllers. For example, controlling gain and/or delay mix based on pitch.
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would that be different than the crossover split? That’s what I’ve been using it for.

100% to all of this!

vote for capture mix % here!

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You’re correct. It’s already available. Thanks for the hint. I edited my previous post accordingly.

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  • stereo enhancer block
  • customised intelligent harmony scales
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7, Global Controllers, LFO/Envelope (I don’t think this will be possible in QC, just a wish)

Actually, it shouldn’t be impossible to implement.


I have used helix , headrush, axe fx 2 and other plugins…
I would say just do what headrush does. It is just excelent. I was also a beta tester for HR. Also, i am not brand loyal so sold HR for Axe fx 2 for more amp and modeling options.
With scenes, its great that QC is like snapshot in helix. Its way easier than the fractal scenes. But headrush has this one thing like axe fx where you can also change the amp itself according to the scenes with its own parameters but It doesnt have to have 4 channels like in axe fx.
It just saves the amps like a normal scene. If not, having 4 channel per block would also be very powerful and make QC more desirable.
Also, for the file editor on pc. Make it like headrush where u have a folder for ir, preset and so on and then u can just drag and drop.

Also, hybird mode like headrush where u can assign anything to a switch like scenes, paramter , bypass and so on.
Since i came from fractal , i can say that if the effects options grows and improves , QC will really mess up axefx user base.
As in QC you can have unlimited amount of Amps due to captures so it can match axefx but u cant capture effects like delay , reverb. Just focus on these kinda effects and surely QC will be on top.
Deep parameters are not so much important if the efrects are great from get go.
I bought QC because i am not in the waiting list for fm9 so after I sold my Axe fx 2. I was looking for options and QC started being in stock so reluctantly bought it.
All i have to say is its really good and beats the axe fx2 but still doesnt compare to the effects in Axe fx2 let alone Axe fx 3. Thanks for all your hard work.
:+1: :+1: :+1:

A few of these have already been resolved. Maybe better to make separate feature requests for each of them?

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