Drum Pedal "Mooer Stereo Drummer X2"

Hi! Anyone considering this drum pedal in addition to the QC or has any experience with good drum pedals for exercise purposes?


Hi, havent experience with the X2 but I’ve testet several drum pedals over the years. The by far best one soundwise were the Singular Sound Beatbuddies. Mybe you should considder one of them. For just rehearsing the Mini2 is more than enough. But if you want a feature monster the big one can do more a a man can use :-)) .

Thanks for the hints, will look into the Beat Buddies!

I haven’t used these but if you have a way to plug your phone or iPad into your QC you can use a app. I’ve used Rock DM on my iPad and it works pretty well. Probably not as easy to use as an actual pedal but it could scratch that itch

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Yes, using Drum Beats+ via USB and iPhone myself. Missing the convenience of a pedal. :upside_down_face: