Downloading other users captures from the Apo

Hi got my quad a few days ago and really pleased with it… Impressed with the pre-sets but struggling to work out how I go about downloading other users captures… I downloaded the Nearal app and followed a few featured artists… I read you highlight the star of a capture but when I try and send it… It says there’s no one there? I’ve updated the software to the latest version… I’m not just going to download for the sake of it…As I couldn’t offer anything in return… The last good tube amp I had I unfortunately had to sell as it was hurting my back transporting it around … A shame as I would have loved to have had a go at trying a few captures on that … .I was on the look out for an acoustic amp capture … Like an AER or similar if possible to use with my acoustic… Maybe a Dumble… Or a 2 Rock… as well

Hey, thanks for posting!

Check this video from 1:11 for information on how to Star and download Presets & Captures.

Thank you… Much appreciated :+1: