Does the cali suite work with Logic Pro 9

Hi, does the Cali Suite work in Logic Pro 9?

Hi @bkingsland. Logic 9 is not officially supported [1], but you can check if it works for you by trying the demo version.

I have the full Cali Suite. It works great on my desktop from applications. But in logic 9, I can’t find it anywhere as a plug in.

Try the following:

You can also try to clear the AU Cache.

Well, I did all this. Still no dice for Cali and logic 9.
It simply will not install in the plugin folder.
Maybe it’s not compatible with Sierra 10.12?

Did you check the installation path?

Macintosh HD / Library / Audio / Plug-ins / Components /

Yes. It didn’t install in components. Also, when I try to delete the components folder, I get the message “folder cannot be deleted or moved because osx needs it to operate”.
But I redownloaded and reinstalled it. Still works great from applications, but nowhere to be found as a plugin

You can’t delete that folder. It’s used for every other AU Plugin on your system.

Are you sure you’re looking at the correct folder and not the user one? You can attach screenshots if you want.

Gonzalo, I’ve been trying to email back. but I keep getting these “failed to send emails” from google.

Anyway, you were right, I found it in the components folder. But still no dice in LOGIC 9. It is nowhere to be found in the audio unit manager.
I deleted the cache, like the video you shared, but it didn’t help.
I suppose, the only thing left to do is delete neural from components again and reinstall. I’m just not sure how that’ll work though


You could try reinstalling it, but I think the problem could be caused because Logic Pro 9 is too old. That’s the reason why we don’t include it as part of the supported DAWs [1].

Have you tried using another DAW?