Do I need to boost +6db when using TS Cable to Power amp?

Read here:

“So with a TS cable, you get half the output voltage and the gain must be boosted 6dB to get unity gain into a guitar amp effects loop…”

How do I Do it?

I use a TS cable to run from my Quad Cortex to a power amp. I just leave the QC volume knob at 100% and don’t bother boosting the signal an additional +6 dB like the article states.

My amp is still way too &%$#ing LOUD and the QC sounds glorious through it. Try it out with your rig and see if you still feel the need to boost.

and you control your volume in the outpout of the cortex or directly through the amp?

Like I said, I run the QC volume at 100% (most QC users do), so I control the overall maximum volume with my power amp. No issues there; I’m happy.