4 Cable Method Question

I am currently trying to use the 4-cable method, but in the manual it recommends using a TRS to TS cable for the run between the QC FX send and the front of the amp. I am curious, do you need TRS to TS cables for any of the runs between the effects loop of your amp and the QC, or is it only for the connection between the QC and the front of the amp?

Where did you read this? The manual says this under 4CM setup:

“You will need four TS cables for making the connections”

On page 113 under the Frequently Asked Questions portion. It says:

"How can I take advantage of the ground- cancelling outputs (Send 1-2)?

This feature works by connecting Quad Cortex to external devices by using a modified instrument cable (TRS and TS ends). Connect the TRS tip to the Quad Cortex and the TS tip to the external device."

I believe that is referring to using audio output to speakers, etc. Go to page 66.

Ah okay. I wish that had been more specific for dense people like me. Either way, thank you for clarifying!