Display current tempo on the screen

Would be great if a tempo could be squeezed into the main screen at all times - or at least the option.

As far as I can tell, there is no way of checking the tempo unless you hit the tap tempo switch (and change the tempo.

Also would love for the QC to send midi clock out to, say, a strymon timeline, so at least the external pedal would then show the tempo!

Gotta bump this one. It’s still impossible to see the current tempo on any screen. You can only see the tempo by tapping the tap tempo twice … which means it’s already changed by the time you see it :joy:


To tell the tempo without changing it, double tap and hold the tempo switch for a second.

That simply doesn’t work.

Holding it = the tuner
Double tap = change the tempo
Double tap and holding on the 2nd tap for 1 second = changing the tempo and then getting the tuner

Have you actually tried this?

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Bumping, would be useful to know what the current BPM is. Right now only assurance we have is by using our ears, which can deceive us sometimes.

EDIT - I just realized the tempo light (bottom-right) blinks according to the BPM that is set, which is kind of cool, better than nothing!

Another EDIT - If you go in to your main menu (top-right) and select Tempo, you can view the current BPM.


Bump for this!! Seems like it could be such a simple change.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the quad cortex could dictate the tempo of other pedals (via midi) that display the BPM, but it can’t, so without the tempo on screen there’s no way to tell on the fly

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Will be nice to see the BPM info always on the left side of the modes (preset/scene/stomp)


Bump. Would be nice to have the option to display the tempo instead of “PRESET / STOMP / SCENE.” The icon left to the text is sufficient for advanced users.


Adding to the bumps.