Disable QC monitoring

Hey everyone.

Just started using the QC as an audio interface. I’ve looked through the forum and couldn’t find someone talking about it so i’m gonn ask it here.
I’m mostly interested in recording the D.I with some plugins on top of it. I can’t for the life of me disable the QC input monitoring. I always hear the raw clang of the DI on top of whatever plugin i’m using and it’s really annoying. Same thing if i switch to a preset rather than the DI, the QC monitoring is always there.

I just want to disable the monitoring coming out of the QC, not the one coming out of my DAW, what am i missing here?

I want to get the DI in my DAW and for it to stay silent unless the track within the DAW is being monitored

On your QC select your input on the signal grid currently showing and choose “Not utilized” or something similar. It’s at the bottom of the available choices. Basically, you are bypassing the QC processing and only using the USB interface etc.

Thanks for your reply. It does the same thing though, raw DI can still be heard over the plugin i’m using. But at least there is no sound coming through unless i choose to monitor the track in the DAW, so that’s something.