Disable blinking Tap temp light

It would be very nice to be able to disable the blinking tap tempo light for us that don’t use it (I play mostly bass) as it is quite distracting.

It would be nice to be able to turn off or dim the brightness and change the colour of the
the constantly blinking tempo led . it is a bit distracting


Might want to delete and consolidate by voting on this one instead, since it’s got a bit of traction already. More numbers = better odds.

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Threads merged :slight_smile:


I will add that it would be great to implement the ability to display a blinking indicator on the screen, as is done on the BOSS processors:

There has been some suggestions about allowing a faint light on all LEDs and also the ability to assign colours to the LEDs and presets selections similar to the way stomp mode puts colour on the LEDs.

These are IMHO all good user interface improvements.


I beg we have an option to turn the tap tempo light off in the next update. Please please please! <3


I agree. That flashing light is very distracting. It would be nice to set the level of brightness to the LED’s as well as assigning their colors.

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I‘m a little … let‘s say weird when it comes to sensory inputs. I beg you guys, pls, pls, pls let us at least dim the brightness of all the LEDs. But switching to a indicator on the display and turning the blink off is equally necessary.


OMG what a GREAT idea!@!!!

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Adding my vote. Either a dimmer or the ability to disable the LED altogether would be great. Move to on screen would be even better still.

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Assuming this is still an issue? I have a piece of electrical tape over the tap tempo, since I don’t use it, but would love to have that LED back without the blinking.

Adding my vote too, after living with it for a while I’ve definitely gotten a bit more sour towards it than I was initially.

Another yes vote.

In the meantime, I fashioned a black dot slightly larger than the Tap Tempo light. I created it by using a hand held paper hole punch and using black electrical tape. I then stuck it right over the blinking light and viola! no more annoying blink :slight_smile:

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+1 This needs to be fixed rather sooner then later. I taped it because it is really annoying.

Bumping this thread as I just got my QC and that tap tempo light is truly annoying.

I’ve taped over it as a workaround, but it seems like such a kludge.

I.placed a pc of blue tape over it. Much easier on the eyes yet I can still see the temp if I need to.

Agree. That blinking light pisses me off really.

me too why isn’t there an option to turn it off ???

The LED’s are way too bright for home use, please can we have a way of dimming them?