Bypassing tap tempo completely

I have been using my QC on a pedalboard I put together lately. My time effects are my Halo and Cloudburst. I do not need to use the tap tempo setting in my QC at all. Is there an easy way to disable it? I find it very hard to use anyway. Thanks so much.

What do you mean by disable it? If you mean not being the light blinking, yes, it can be done in the settings.

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Currently there is not a way to disable tap tempo completely, other than… not using it at all.

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Thanks and yes I do know about getting rid of the blinking light. I was hoping to disable it because last week I had both the one in my QC on and the one on my Halo and I think it made a conflict. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Hey brother. When you say not use it at all does that mean setting it to zero and then just not touching it? I had a conflict last week between my QC and my Halo pedal. I want to use the Halo tap tempo. I find it is easier to use.

I understand you’re trying to use your Halo pedal exclusively for tap tempo. Totally cool, I use external delays and tap tempo myself. So… What exactly is this conflict you speak of? If you’re not using delay blocks in the QC…? [I don’t mean this as snarky as it sounds.]

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Not snarky at all! Yes, you are right! I did not have any time sensitive things going in my chain. Duh. These kind of things keep me humble. :wink:

I always appreciate my interactions with you. IF at some point I did have something in my chain that was time based how do you avoid things getting weird with possibly having different time signatures? I don’t foresee doing that, but I do wonder about it.

If you need a QC delay block unaffected by tap tempo (like a slapback delay with a short timing), you can set the timing to a millisecond setting, turn sync off, and leave it there. It disables tap tempo for that delay block, so if you hit the tap tempo footswitch accidentally, nothing changes.


Perfect! Much appreciated. I hope all is well. God bless you and all you love. I love simplicity. It’s all I am capable of grasping. ;-). Albert Einstein said, “Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

I would much rather replace the Tap Tempo with a one tap for the Tuner instead.

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I think that whole thing is pretty clunky. I have my QC on a pedalboard with other effects. I plan to add a typical tuner to the front of the whole thing and be done with that. So almost like the tap tuner switch is non existent which is kind of a waste. I want an always on tuner. Maybe they will heed the many suggestions already given and make it more useful… by Christmas 2025 or so…

Yup. I’m using my Shure wireless system as a pedal tuner now. It’s like the people who originally designed this don’t gig.

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Of course, the best option is to be able to reuse that switch for whatever you want, based on the preset. New effect block, tap tempo, tuner with one touch, swap scene/stomp with single switch, a special effect on/off while in looper mode (for turning on/off your pitch shifter for making bass lines!), turning gigview on/off… all sorts of things that the switch could be used for that currently aren’t available to us.

All of this is in the feature requests, of course. Wondering if a June dev update will let us know if this kind of feature is planned at all for any future releases, even if it’s not in the next one.


Yup, an extra, user assignable switch would be awesome.

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My ideal switch layout would be to use the top right button as the “Mode” switch instead of using the far right two bottom switches together for that, and then have up/down preset switches, until I select a preset from the A-H switches. Then in any given preset I’d have both bottom rows completely set for scenes/stomp/settings changes based on what I want to do with the preset. Do away completely with the tap tempo switch and the preset up/down dedicated switches and reassign them totally.

At this point we have all seen the requests for complete footswitch reassignment capability, which is ultimately what we all want. Nothing new to add to that discussion.