Different amps and cabs in same scene

Hi all,

Where can I find out how to do this:

At 5m 25s he has 4 separate lines of sounds (workflows?)

  1. How can I create 4 lines? (not seen it in the manual nor on the youtube tutorials by Neural).

  2. How can I then assign each line to a footswitch to do what he does?

Thanks in advance

Try reviewing the most current manual for understanding SCENE mode:

Since this video was posted last year, SCENE mode has been overhauled in 1.3.0. Essentially, to duplicate what Ola does in that video now is to create 4 separate signal chains (one for each row). Each chain has amp, cab, FX etc. Each row is called up with using SCENE mode and by bypassing everything except the required row. With new SCENE mode, you open a block and long press on any parameter until the ‘ABCD’ SCENE indicator shows which is explained in the manual. For example to bypass a block, open the block, long press on BYPASS until the ‘ABCD’ indicators shows then you can bypass and or enable a block per scene.