Difference between: OUT1+OUT2 and OUT1/2

Just curious why these are not the same thing? Or, what I need to do to make them the same thing.

I split row 3, after my mod effects, and L stay on row 3 and R goes to row 4. Then, row 3 goes to Output 1 and row 4 goes to Output 2.

I wanted to put an EQ at the end of the chains before the output, but didnt want to have to put two EQ blocks, so I joined the rows backtogether after the amps and ran them both into Output 1/2

Why is is that using Output 1/2 mixes the signals and I lose my full stereo effect?

It’s probably the EQ block summing to mono, not the Output assignment or splitter configuration. Try putting a ping-pong delay at the end and see if it bounces in stereo.

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