How to delete from “My Captures”

I have been capturing some of my gear since recently getting my QC. This has resulted in a lot of captures that I don’t want (not very good etc). I can’t see any way to remove them. I thought like presets, maybe swipe across on the name to get a menu. But no
Any ideas pls?

Also, any way to “organise” captures? I would like to keep folders of say ‘Fender’, Marshall, OD Pedals etc.

Maybe stuff like this will come when (if) the desktop editor arrives.


You can delete by just holding down on one while in the menu and dragging it up top. Sadly, there is no way at all to organize them beyond the numbered bins. It makes having large numbers of captures effectively impossible to work with, sadly.

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I’d be happy if there was a way to see which ones are in use by which presets. I want an easy way to delete orphaned captures.


All 3 seem like good ideas to propose as Feature Requests?

I am hoping all this 'house keeping " type of stuff will come with the desktop software when it eventually arrives. The box itself is great for adjusting and setting stuff, way easier than my Kemper.

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To delete a capture, go to the capture you want to delete and swipe from right to left.
A little menu will come up. You can delete the capture, edit the name, move it to another location or copy it and paste a copy to another location. Hope this helps!!!


It also works for Presets!!!


Thank you!