Delay Tempo Sync Option

I’m new so, excuse me if I’m stating the obvious. I imagine most users figured this out on their own but I was about to question, why the actual Delay Tempo Knob couldn’t be turned on its own but had to be adjusted, using the Metronome Icon. I found out if you turn Sync off, the Tempo knob then responds, when you turn it. I had read the manual but IMO, it wasn’t explained clearly (again maybe it’s just me).

Hello @chawya22. That’s a feature. Turning the sync switch ON will allow the delay to adjust to the tempo of the song, including tempo changes. This will disable the tempo knob on the delay pedal.

In the standalone version, the switch enables the metronome icon. This way you can use the tap function on the icon or write specific tempo values.

This is disabled in both cases by turning the sync switch OFF, enabling the tempo control on the delay pedal itself.

Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention, I was using it in Standalone mode. Now that I understand, it makes sense but I was just confused at first.